For those who don't know, the QUILTBAG Jam is a game jam dedicated to supporting games with queer relevance and content, as well as providing a safe space for people interested in those creating said games to meet, collaborate, and generally get into the spirit of things.

To submit your game, first create an account on the site, then head up to the Submissions link and click Submit Your Game. It's that easy!

IRC Backchannel: If you're interested in chatting with others participating in the jam around the world, we'll be running an IRC backchannel on in the #quiltbag channel.
-- If there are problems with harassment or other issues on IRC, please contact Todd Harper by email (see below) or on Twitter -- @laevantine

Livestream: We'll be livesteaming parts of the jam throughout the day. Check the Game Lab page -- for that!

Hashtag?: My suggestion for a Twitter hashtag for the jam is #qbj14. Use (or not use!) at your own wish.

Thank You: I just want to give some shout outs here while I can --
If you have any questions about the jam or the site, please contact Todd Harper at tlharper (at)!

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