Label Gear Solid

by Michael Suen (@poetichentai) & Stephen Suen (@s2tephen)

A top-down stealth adventure and a commentary on the toxicity of label culture. In Label Gear Solid, you play as a character trying to get through the day without being labeled by other people. In this initial prototype, we've implemented some of the basic gameplay mechanics but there is currently no win condition in the game.

Like the game? Have some suggestions, ideas, or want to contribute? Get in touch with us via Twitter at @poetichentai and @s2tephen. You can also check out the game over on GitHub.

To be implemented in the future:

• An actual win condition and more maps/levels.

• Character art! Music and sound! Assets galore!

• Friendly characters who are also being labeled. You can rescue them by removing their labels — they reciprocate by removing labels that have been applied to you. If left alone, they "turn" and become hostile labelers themselves.

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Derpen (Weesnaw) said: Doesn't represent agenda it's supposedly supporting. Unplayable and boring game in general. Points for colors and moving parts. almost 6 years ago
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